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I don't chase clients, I attract them...

When potential clients search for the best hairstylist or hair extension specialist in their area, they're not just browsing—they're ready to book. The key is making sure they find YOU when they're in that decision-making moment.

That's where my proven SEO techniques come in. I've cracked the code on how to boost your online visibility so that you don't have to chase after clients; they come straight to you.


Inside The Mane Magnet Method, I dive deep into the world of SEO and Google algorithms, showing you exactly how to optimize your online presence to attract your ideal clients effortlessly.

My client-18.png

Attracting high-paying clients doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, it’s never been easier!

Picture this...

Continuous flow of new guests...

You open your booking app and voila! Another 8 guests have just snagged their spots. (Yep, that's a regular occurrence for stylists who've become MANE MAGNETS.)

A strategy that is working even when you're not...

Money is no longer a stressor because you have an active strategy (pssst... that can be done from your couch) that brings in a steady flow of new guests with EASE Best part? This strategy utilizes SEO, so when you decide to take a moment away your strategy is still working for you unlike instagram.

No more penny pinchers...

Attract clients who actually care about their hair and are willing to invest! (And guess what? This happens all the time in my programs! Most clients are like, "Wow! You're worth every penny! I'm in love with my hair!")

A library of content you can always refer customers to...

Future proof your business by adding value to your services with a library of content for your current and potential guests. (No more repeating yourself!!)

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven 7-step system to help you achieve a life of ease AND abundance.

My client-18.png

10k, 15k, 20k months

all from doing hair?!

For some, the first thought is,

"Nope, no way that's possible."

"Those people are probably working 24/7.”

"They probably have a huge clientele."


And honestly, i'll never forget feeling that same exact way until...

I had missed another bedtime with my son because I was working late nights again.

And something broke inside me.

I finally looked at other successful stylists as my inspiration-and not as some thing that wasn't meant for me.


I would dream of a life of working less and making more. Where I could take a vacation and not feel like I was taking a hit financially. Where I could go to bed, wake up and have notifications of more guests begging to sit in my chair.


And finally I was given the key.

And now? It's my life.

20k months are my new normal.

And they can be yours too!!


  •  Selecting a niche, honing in on your ideal audience, and creating a website that converts the mindsets of visitors turning them into guests (I absolutely love this part!).

  •  Implementing a marketing strategy and building a unique brand that lures those high ticket guests in. 

  •  Kicking the fear to the curb about charging what your time is worth and setting boundaries that've got your back.

  •  Carving out time and space for marketing that's actually fun, not a chore!
    Did I mention you can do almost all of this from your couch? (this is a dreammmm for those who desire time and financial freedom)


Before long, YOU will have created an entire new client “funnel" that will grow your audience, build trust with your audience, AND fill your books with ease.

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My client-18.png

When you implement my system...

Tired of unappreciative and disrespectful clients who are difficult to work with and who do not value your services

Burnt out, both physically and mentally, only to realize that all of your hard work has only just covered the bills.

Attracting dream clients from hours away who appreciate and respect you as a stylist!

Feeling energized and fulfilled by your work, while making financial freedom a reality! 

>> I don't just teach luxury branding and marketing; I actually do it. I use this EXACT system for myself and my clients to help them make more and work less. I've been working behind the chair for over 10 years as a extension specialist and salon owner.. I GET IT.

Alexa Young, CA


Morgan James, NY

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